Are all relationships like this? Never being able to truly let your guard down with them because the moment you do, they show you why you shouldn’t? It’s exhausting, and it’s honestly not even fun anymore. When you start out, you’re full of all this optimism and these thoughts about a grand and wonderful future […]

Just Maybe . . .

Why do I never believe what others say to me? As if their words have two meanings? Show me, with honest actions That you love me That you care And that you’ll always be there Because life before this was so unfair I’ve been left alone cold and scared I’m so full of fear Frightened […]


Why are things now what they seem? Why the lies and deceit? Why hide in fright of the superficial judges who know no mercy with their cutting words that hurt me? The paranoia the persecution the propaganda and the sickening pleasure they get from it It’s madness and the source of my misery And I’m […]

The Gift

When we met on that park bench something in me changed An important feeling overcame me, thoroughly Every night became so like that day You, overwhelming me More that physically, completely When we parted at that train station, I shook so much My hope shattered My heart torn That’s why I’m here now It’s been […]

Wasted Chance

At that gas station, our eyes met How did I miss that “spark” in yours? Years went by You, by my side The best of friends At that diner off that dusty road, everything changed Oh, that “spark” was there, But for someone else She’s beautiful, She’s yours I realized it too At that chapel, […]