A Long Rant from I-Don’t-Remember-When

I need to be free of their controversies

of the ignorances that runs rampant

in streets full of hate, caused by evil beings

Trying to smother their demons by pointing their fingers in different directions

Not realizing that they’re the one’s at fault

The real reason why they’re cursed with this curse

to constantly hurt the people who love them

with their meaningless words

Why do we hurt who we love?

Live through a front?

Why is happiness never enough?

It’s ridiculous, this nonsense

Is it instinctual to ridicule all those around you?

You wonder why they despise you, why they hide from you?

I’ll tell you why, I’m not afraid of you!

Because your heart is filled with so much hatred,

you selfish little wench

You say you love us?!

Don’t make me laugh!

You don’t know what love is!

You only say that to keep from tossing and turning

from losing sleep every night while you dreams tell you what others already realize

“You’re pathetic and worthless”

“No one will ever love you”


“You don’t deserve all the good things that surround you”

These words haunt you when you’re alone

when you’re locked away, safe in your room

But I’ll say them out loud!

I don’t care to!

You can’t buy people’s love because


NO, your money will never be enough!

So, listen up, you spoiled little princess!

Give it a rest!

Everyone’s finally had enough of your B.S.


By: Sarah Fisk


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